Company ArtCrystal will arrange the transport to the delivery place according to Customer´s requirements.

The price for the goods to foreign countries outside the Czech Republic are added transport costs that are calculated individually for each contract. We offer the best possible prices by destination, weight and sizes for transportation of goods  the transport companies: the Czech Post, EMS, Schenker, PPL, UPC, DHL. 
Price of transport you will see in your order.

The damage of the goods during the transport
If some of the components will be damaged during the transport you will receive the spare parts free of charge. We require to be the shipment checked and this event announced us  by phone or by e-mail within 48 hours after receipt of the goods from the forwarder. We ask you for specification of damaged part via drawing or via photo.
The Customer has to write up the complaint protocol with the forwarder. The Customer is not entitled to get new goods without this complaint protocol.
We will inform you about next steps as soon as we will receive your complaint.

The chandeliers are insured – if the goods is lost during the transport, we will send you new goods.

Packing of chandeliers
We have long time experience with the packing and with the sending of the goods to all over the world. Our system of packing meets to strict requirements of air transport as well.
Chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps are properly packed. There is a foam in the box. This foam reduces impacts during the transport. 
We send the lighting fixtures partially dismantled (the body of the lighting fixture, arms, dishes, chandelier trimmings, chains). The components are properly packed and marked. It is easy to assemble the chandelier according to instruction manual.

Assembling and connecting of chandeliers
You can easy to assemble the chandelier according to instruction manual and drawing. You will need to the assembly only the pliers and screwdriver. You will assemble and connect 6-arms chandelier within 2-3 hour.
You will complete the body and chain, then you will hang up the chandelier and you will fix it with arms. You have to connect the arms to the terminal board in the body of lighting fixture – we recommend you to let  this step and the connecting to electricity to professionals. You can fit the dishes and chandelier trimmings finally.
If you will choose the chandelier with more than 6 arms – you can divide the chandelier to two light sections. It means that only half of bulbs will be on. This connection is possible only in the case that 3 cables go from lighting fixture to switch.


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