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How to pay?

You can use several ways how to pay ordered goods.
Transfer money to our account, on-line payment through the payment gateway for e-shop with VISA card and Mastercard or on-line credit card payment through the Paypal gateway. Payment upon receipt of the goods with us.

Transfer money to our account
If you will choose transfer money to our account, it is necessary to pay the goods in advance before the despatch. Please be so kind and transfer your payment to our
bank account 107-3599850207/0100,
IBAN: CZ9101000001073599850207.

Variable symbol of the payment is the order number. Please carefully check your entered data before sending, particularly variable symbol. We despatch the goods after receipt of the money to our account.

Credit card payment. It is the fastest way how to pay.
In the case of a credit card payment you will be redirected to the payment gateway standard 3D secure VISA/MC after completion your order and you will be asked to pay. Data transfer from your pc is protected against misuse by an encryption algorithm and so it is absolutely safe.
You can pay through MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron. Your card must be enabled for payments on the Internet. If will be your payment rejected, please contact your bank.

You will pay with the payment card through the on-line PayPal gateway. Money will be transfered to our account immediately.