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Right of withdrawal

Trade Conditions

Trade conditions of e-shop www.artcrystal.cz
We pursue the e-shop www.artcrystal.cz with lightings textures and chandeliers on these websites.
The seller specifies the trade conditions. The buyer agrees with trade conditions via his order. Both parts follow these trade conditions and trade conditions are obligatory for them.

1. Basic Data
Bořivoj Tomeš, Artcrystal
Palackeho 41
46604 Jablonec nad Nisou
Company registration number: 14 83 11 12
VAT: CZ6408250321
Mentioned in municipal authority Jablonec nad Nisou according to §71, paragraph 2, Trade Law

Address of our bank
Komercni banka 
Jehlarska 11
Jablonec nad Nisou
466 78 Czech republic

Number account 107-3599850207/0100

IBAN: CZ9101000001073599850207
Owner of account
Borivoj Tomes
Hluboka 15 
Jablonec nad Nisou 
46604 Czech republic

E-mail: tomes@artcrystal.cz

Phone: +420 777 050 510 Bořivoj Tomeš
(below only “Seller”)

The buyer is everybody who makes and sends the complete order to us. The buyer confirms that agree with trade conditions. Each buyer/customer is obliged to read trade conditions before he will make an order.
(below only “Customer”)

2. Price and Payment Terms
All prices are including VAT. The prices are without shipping costs, packing and insurance.

The Customer can use following kinds of payment
a)    Transfer of money to our bank account nr. 
b)    Payment by payment cards Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard 
c)    Payment in cash in our company

We will send the confirmation to the Customer after receipt of the order. The confirmation includes total price of the delivery, code of the order, our bank account number. Please be so kind and arrange the payment after our confirmation of your order. It is necessary to state our order code like variable symbol. We will dispatch the goods as soon as we will receive the payment to our account. Advance payment is the term for sending the goods.
The Seller is VAT registered company.

3. Order
Seller will confirm your order by e-mail or by phone as soon as he will check the availability of the goods. The confirmation includes the specification of the goods, quantity, unit price, shipping costs and expected delivery date.

Order Cancellation
Order cancellation from Customer side:
Customer is entitled to cancel his order for no reason at all before binding confirmation of the order. Customer has right to cancel his order after binding confirmation of the order only in case that the Seller will break agreed delivery conditions. If Customer will cancel confirmed order, he has to pay the costs which were caused to Seller. Seller is entitled to demand the compensation for damage.

4. Delivery Terms
The goods is usually dispatch within 15 working days after the confirmation of the order. Seller has to inform Customer immediately about new delivery date in case that the goods is not in stock. This situation will be solved according to individual agreement between Seller and Customer. The place of delivery is given in the order.

5. Guarantee and Complaint
General Regulation
Customer agrees with the complaints rules at the taking of delivery.

The damage of the goods during the transport
If some of the components will be damaged during the transport you will receive the spare parts free of charge. We require to be the shipment checked and this event announced us  by phone or by e-mail within 48 hours after receipt of the goods from the forwarder. We ask you for specification of damaged part via drawing or via photo.
The Customer has to write up the complaint protocol with the forwarder. The Customer is not entitled to get new goods without this complaint protocol.
We will inform you about next steps as soon as we will receive your complaint.

The chandeliers are insured – if the goods is lost during the transport, we will send you new goods.

Defective Goods
Guarantee will start at the moment when Customer will  take over the shipment. Seller guarantees the quality and the completeness of the shipment. Guarantee is 24 months.

Settlement of the Complaint
Customer will send the defective goods to Seller´s address to his own costs. Customer has to mark visibly the parcel with COMPLAINT.
The shipment will contain complained goods, copy of the purchase document, detailed description of the defect and his contact (address, phone number,…) The shipment sent to Seller´s costs will be not accepted. The sending costs of settled complaint will pay Seller.

Unjustified Complaint:
Seller will send the shipment back to Customer´s address to Customer´s account.

Justified Complaint:
The customer is entitled for:
a)    Replacement of the goods
b)    Adequate discount
c)    To cancel the contract

Seller has to settle the complaint within 30 days from the date when Customer applied the complaint.

6. Contract Cancellation
Seller is entitled to cancel the contract:
Operator of e-shop www.artcrystal.cz has entitlement to cancel the contract till the dispatch of the goods for present inaccessibility of the goods or for considerable change of the price. Seller has to inform about it Customer.
Customer´s entitlement to cancel the contract:
Customer can require the replacement of the goods or can get back money of the product which doesn´t comply to Customer´s idea. Customer has to inform Seller by phone or by e-mail. The customer must send inconvenient goods to Seller by registered mail within 14 days from the delivery. Seller will not accept the shipment send like “cash on delivery”, or if the goods will be not in original packing, or the shipment will not contain warranty card, or the goods will be damaged.
Seller will settle this matter within 14 days after receipt of the goods. 
The kinds of settlement:
a) Money order
b) Transfer of money to customer´s bank account
c) Replacement of the goods in the same value

7. Personal Data Protection
Customer gives the permission through the registration in e-shop with saving of his data in Seller´s database. This database serves only for the settlement of future Customer´s orders. The system doesn´t save the data during the shopping without the registration. Customer can change his personal data through the customer service.
The customer gives the permission through the registration in newsletter with taking of business information e-mails. It is no problem to cancel this service in future. E-mail address is not provided to the third party.

Final Clause
Customer´s costs for the communication are for customer´s account.
These trade conditions are valid for all agreements between Seller and Customer. They are valid from the 1st of February 2011. The operator reserves the right to change these trade conditions.

The 1st of February 2011, in Jablonec nad Nisou


ArtCrystal Tomeš

Email: tomes@artcrystal.cz

ID: 148 31 112
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