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Different types of rooms and crystal chandelier


There are many myths about crystal chandeliers. According to some opinions, they are only suitable for traditional interiors, and even then only for some rooms, because more than one would be too much for a home.

Wrong. Even double. We've already explained the first one in our last article, and we'll set the second one straight today. You'll also learn how to work with lighting design in commercial spaces as well as how to take advantage of the unique properties of crystal.


Crystal chandeliers and individual rooms in the home

Living room

A crystal chandelier will be an ornament in your living room, no matter whether you have it decorated in traditional, modern or even industrial or Scandinavian style. You can choose it and incorporate it into your interior design so that it fits perfectly and everything is in a unified style. Or it can be used creatively as an important contrasting element. So that it represents an interesting design "contrast".

Take inspiration from our wide range of crystal chandeliers for the living room.

obyvaci pokoj


Kitchen and dining room

You will also appreciate the design variability of crystal chandeliers in the dining room, whatever the style. Classic crystal chandeliers are perfect for a rustic kitchen, while more modern types will beautifully complete the Provence atmosphere, giving every meal a festive touch. And even a casual Sunday family lunch will feel a bit like a festive table during an official state visit.

Take inspiration from our wide range of crystal chandeliers for the kitchen and dining room.

kuchyně a lustr



Do you know a more romantic type of light fixture than a crystal chandelier? A candle doesn't count... Well, you see, neither do we. And our clients are of the same opinion because they can't get enough of them. They're happy to see something this nice first thing upon waking up, which instantly makes their day.

However, when choosing a crystal chandelier for the bedroom, it is necessary to take into account its height, which should be in line with the height of the ceiling of the room. For anyone who has a low ceiling in their bedroom, we recommend that they prefer a ceiling light that is attached, but otherwise it is of course up to you whether you prefer an extravagant solution or, on the contrary, choose a more subtle type of chandelier.

Take inspiration from our wide range of crystal chandeliers for the bedroom.

ložnice a křištálový lustr


Hall and corridor

The hallway or entrance hall is usually the first room you see when you come home or visit someone. That's why it's important not to underestimate the importance of its lighting, as with the right choice you will always make a great first impression. And it doesn't matter if it's yourself when you get home from work or your guests. A crystal chandelier is guaranteed to light up this often large and cold-looking space. Figuratively and literally.

Take inspiration from our wide range of crystal chandeliers for the hall of the house.


hala chodba s křištálovým lustrem

Crystal chandeliers in commercial spaces

Crystal chandeliers are the ideal type of lighting for large interiors where you want to make a real impression on visitors. They look great, create a luxurious atmosphere and can illuminate a large area. That's why you see them so often in hotels, restaurants, theatres and boutiques.

In addition to mass production, we also create special large crystal luminaires in cooperation with designers and architects for representative buildings and rooms such as palaces, foyers, lobbies, halls, etc.


hotel křistalove lustry


Working with light in interior and representative spaces

In general, if you or your guests want to concentrate in a room, be active and not get tired even in the later hours and, above all, be able to see well, it is advisable to illuminate it with intense light. This will be the case in a study, a conference room, a theatre lobby, a hotel reception or a shop or restaurant.

If the room is intended to have a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere (bars, various lounges, etc.), then less intense lighting is chosen. But even then, crystal chandeliers are a good choice because their elegance adds style and soul to the space, even if they don't draw as much attention to themselves as if they shone a lot and were therefore more visible. They also work well as a co-creator of atmosphere.


Lighting design and the use of crystal properties in lighting

Lighting design is a way of conveying the desired emotion or mood to the visitor of a space and providing a quality visual experience through light. This is because lighting can be used to convey the message that the architect or interior designer wanted to convey through the room in an even more inventive way.

"Light is the gateway to imagination. It enables a kind of non-verbal sensory communication. It doesn't require any prior knowledge, as is the case with communication through words or any other type of code."
Romain Tardy, legendary French visual artist and founder of the visual art group ANTIVJ.

hotelová restaurace s křištálovými lustry


Using the properties of crystal in lighting

High brilliance and sparkle are typical for crystal. Crystal chandeliers thus offer a unique refraction that multiplies the power of light from incandescent bulbs. The increased brilliance and refraction of light is due to the presence of lead oxide. And it is because of this that crystal glass refracts light so that you see iridescent colours in it, and reflects the entire light spectrum.

Therefore, any message of architects and designers can be authentically conveyed through crystal chandeliers. In addition, they can - unlike other luminaires - also count on incorporating increased brilliance, shimmer and natural iridescent colours in their designs, so it is no problem to let your imagination run wild and be more creative. The overall effect of their efforts will then be even more intense


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    Dear Sarka, I received the parcel, everything is all right. The chandelier successfully reached it's destination. I am so happy! It is so beautiful, just as I imagined it to be, or perhaps even better :) All my gratitude to ArtCrystal for a quick fullfillment of the order. And of course to you, dear Sarka for helping with it! Hope to order again soon. My kindest regards, Emma.
  • Sandra, Klaipėda, Lithuania

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    Hello Sarka, Just a quick email to say thank you for our gorgeous chandelier! My mum has now had it hanged on the ceiling, complete with all the crystals, and she can't take her eyes off it. She was also very impressed with how well everything was polished and packaged, and the overall efficiency and organisation of the transaction. Very happy customers, thank you!
  • Kate Nielsen, Frederikshavn, DK

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    Hello Sarka, we have recevided the chandelier yesterday, and thank for a good treatment and teamwork. We are looking forward to see the chandelier when we have placed it. The other chandelier is beautiful, and we are very happy with it, and satisfied. Have a nice weekend. Kind Regards.
  • Jonas Hansen, Oslo, Norway

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Hello Mrs. Novakova! Thank you and thanks also to Mr. Tomes for almost excellent delivery of your nice chandelier to Oslo, to my son. He is the musician and music teacher and therefore is that nice for him to have such beautiful light source just over his lovely instrument. Have a nice day. Sincerely
  • Janet Williams, Rotherham, GB

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Sarka, It has been a pleasure buying them off you. So glad as they are the prettiest for my size room they make me smile when I look at them. Will recommend you to everyone here .Thank you so much Sarka it has been a pleasure. Take care. Kind regards
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    Dear Sarka! We received today the parcel. A good news. Everything is fine. It is really beautiful set. Special thanks to you as a professional. It was a pleasure to communicate. Thank you and wish a good business. Best regards
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    Rating: 5 / 5
    Thank you very much Sarka, While ordering online, i was suspicious about the quality, conditions. I received today my chandelier and hung it already. It is gorgeous. Thank you very much. It definetly changed the ambiance of the entrance of my home. See you soon again.
  • Emily Clarke, Sheffield, GB

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Sarka, thank you. We have assembled one of the chandeliers and it is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for all your help. You have been fabulous.
  • Harriet L., Puissalicon, FRA

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Lenka, It's here and in position! It's amazing! My mum is 'over the moon... Absolutely thrilled... It's beautiful ..' She says. When I can I will send you a photo... Thank you so much for everything. We will be buying another 2 next year! Probably different ones. Your service was impeccable.
  • Maria Salimeni, Stuttgart, DE

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Lenka, yesterday the second big chandelier is arrived. Everything is perfect and we are very happy about such a good quality, nothing is broken or damaged. Thank you very much!!! Now, i am surching for the next one for my sleeping room. Kind regards.
  • Alex Durand, Paris

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Mr.Tomes, herewith I would like to thank you and your company that your chandeliers lighted up my château in Paris. They perfectly stress the ambience of the whole château. I´m satisfied with your company cooperation. I can say: "Amazing chandeliers, perfect services.
  • Helen Cheung, Singapore

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Lenka, I received the chandelier today! That's super fast!!! Thanks for the nice packaging, everything is in perfect condition! I admire the beauty of this chandelier! I love it!!! Thanks again and I wish I would purchase more from you in the future!Kind Regards.
  • Virginija, Vilnius, Lithuania

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    Good afternoon, many thanks for the quick delivery and a beautiful table lamp. It suits the room perfectly. Stay healthy and creative. With the best wishes from Lithuania.
  • Joanne Mifsud, Mqabba, Malta

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Lenka, I would like to let you know that we received the chandeliers yesterday evening. We are still putting them together, but everything has arrived perfectly, and the pieces are very beautiful. I would like to thank you for everything and it has been a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks again :)
  • Małgorzata Wujcik, Płock, PL

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Good afternoon, We have just received the order and my boss is really happy with high quality product, packaging and fast delivery :). As for me thank you for good cooperation and I wish good luck to you and company.
  • Mocrac Natalia, Kishinev

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Miss Lenka, we received our chandeliers and we would like to thank you for cooperation with you. The chandeliers are very nice and elegant.We are glad that we made the right choice and ordered chandelier in your factory. Perhaps later we again turn to you. Best wishes.
  • Hassiba Mohammad, London, GB

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Mr.Tomes. I hope you are well, I would like to thank you for the lovely and a beautiful chandeliers. Really they are a piece of art. Every peice of them are made perfectly. Even your wrapping, packaging are wonderful, no damaged piece was found. As I said every single work was at high standard. Great thanks.
  • Dorothy Zander, Gurnee, Illinois

    Rating: 5 / 5
    The chandeliers was packaged very carefully and arrived in excellent condition. It is truly beautiful and I will display it proudly in my living room. Thank you for a quality product, superior customer service and pleasant online shopping experience. With kindest regards.
  • Ryszard Sznajder, Warszawa, PL

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Dear Mr.Tomes, hereby I confirm receiving the ordered chandelier which seems to be OK.Thank you very much for Your excellent cooperation. Best regards.
  • Jonas Hansen, Oslo, Norway

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Halo Mrs. Novakova! Thank you and thanks also to Mr. Tomes for almost excellent delivery of your nice chandelier to Oslo, to my son. He is the musician and music teacher and therefore is that nice for him to have such beautiful light source just over his lovely instrument. Have a nice day.
  • Karolina, Pécs, Hungary

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Hi Sarka, many thanks for the info provided. Shopping from you has been a real pleasure, an exceptional buyers journey as your customer service is second to none! Well done and thank you! Best regards
  • Mandeep and Mala, Singapore

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Hello, the whole process was super smooth. From the deposit, the final payment, the delivery. Sarka kept us fully informed. Hundred of pieces of glass and not one crack or breakage. The final product was totally beyond our expectations. Very, very beautiful.
  • Fatemeh Ansari, Copenhagen, DK

    Rating: 5 / 5
    Hello Hana, I want to say thank you again for your service and treatment. I received my package today and everything was perfect. Thank you very much.

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