Crystal chandelier L40372PCE

Art.No.: L40372PCE
Vendor Artg
23.619 $ , plus Shipping

Size: Ø200x250cm
Wattage: 72x40W




Luxury chandeliers of this type are named after the Empress Maria Theresa - the first such chandelier was made in Bohemia in honor of her coronation, and since then these chandeliers belong to the jewels of interior lighting. These lamps have flat steel arms, covered on both sides with glass strips, which are secured by crystal rosettes. Steel arms are finished by silver or gold colored metal. The chandelier is richly decorated with trimmings pendeloque. This impressive ceiling chandelier with 72 bulbs is suitable for the largest interiors - palaces, hotels, ceremonial halls, theatres and luxury private residences. Chandelier can be ordered in gold or silver variant.

Weight 300 kg
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