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Important notice:
Size of the chandelier is always given diameter and height of the chandelier without chain.
Chandeliers are supplied without bulbs.

Who is the company ArtCrystal Tomeš? How long is o market?
Company Bořivoj Tomeš – ArtCrystal was founded in 1989. This company continues in traditional production and in business with products from Bohemian glass. This company exports the products to the customers to all over the world more than 30 years. Our company sells the chandeliers and other glass goods and we have more than 3 500 satisfied customers. More than 300 shops are all over the world. We offer the goods in our e-shop now.
We produced the crystal chandeliers for hotels, representative buildings, theatres, luxurious palaces, luxurious housings, representative reception desks, churches, restaurants, art-nouveau villas. We use only high quality materials for the production. There is machine-cut and manually-cut crystal glass on the chandeliers.

We are the chartered seller and we sell only new goods – you will have 5 years guarantee! We supply the spare parts within 10 years from the production date /the sale of the goods.

Do you have a question to your order?
We will send you the confirmation of the order after receipt of your order. If you have some question concerning your order, please state the number of your order. You can contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Can I pay with payment card without the concerns?
Yes, you can. We use for the payment with payment cards world-wide safe payment system PayPal. The customers who use PayPal needn´t to insert their personal data and numbers of payment card to internet. The customers put these data to the same safe net like use large banks. PayPal accepts all used payment cards. It is safe payment means and it is open for the whole market without the limits to specific bank.

What kinds of payments do you offer?
Following payments: transfer of money to our account, payment with payment card via PayPal. If you will take over the goods in our company then you can pay cash.

I have a complaint – what I should to do?
Our main aim is satisfied customer. We are doing the best to we provide you top service. We admit that some problem could happen. If you will have some problem, please be so kind and contact Mr. Bořivoj Tomeš (tomes@artcrystal.cz) . Be so kind and describe your problem and we will do our best to we find the right solution. Don´t forget to mention the number of your order.

Are the lighting fixtures and chandeliers well packed during the transport?
We have long time experience with the packing and sending of the goods to all over the world. Our system of packing complies with strict requirements of air transport as well. Chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps are properly packed. There is a foam in the box which reduces impacts during the transport.
We send the lighting fixtures partially dismantled (the body of the lighting fixture, arms, dishes, chandelier trimmings, chains). The components are properly packed and marked. It is easy to assemble the chandelier according to instruction manual.

Do you check the goods before the dispatch?
We check the goods after receipt from the producer immediately.
We check following:
a) If the goods is not damaged
b) Correctness of the shipment
c) Completeness of the shipment
We pack the goods after the checking according to the ArtCrystal company standards to we avoid the damage of the goods during the transport.

Is the goods insured during the transport?
The chandeliers are insured – if the goods is lost during the transport, we will send you new goods.
If some of the components will be damaged during the transport you will receive the spare parts free of charge. We require to be the shipment checked and this event announced us by phone or by e-mail within 48 hours after receipt of the goods from the forwarder. We ask you for specification of damaged part via drawing or via photo.
The Customer has to write up the complaint protocol with the forwarder. The Customer is not entitled to get new goods without this complaint protocol.

It is possible to see the chandeliers in your company?
We don´t have the shop in the manufacturing company but we have a showroom there. You can visit this showroom. We glad to meet you there. If you will decide to visit us, please call the phone number +420 739 551 185 Sarka Novakova.

How long does the surface finishing of chandeliers and lamps withstand?
The brass parts of the lighting fixtures are protected against the oxidation with the coating of high quality varnish. This varnish is kilned with temperature more than 150 °C. The brass parts don´t oxidize if the coating is not damaged.

Are you able to produce the chandeliers and lamps for 110V voltage for USA or Japan?
All lighting fixtures are standard produced for voltage 230V. It is possible to produce the lighting fixtures for voltage 110V as well. This version is for USA and Japan.

From which material are lighting fixtures produced?
Mostly are the parts using for crystal chandeliers, bracket lamps, table and floor lamps produced from polished brass. The brass is coated with the cover of varnish. This varnish is kilned with temperature more than 150 °C. The glass parts are produced from barium or lead crystal. They are produced manually – by blowing, cutting and polishing in the acid or they are produced with machine – cutting.

Are the chandeliers from glass or from crystal?
There is a different between the crystal and glass. It is defined according to legal regulations in various countries. It means mostly that "the crystal" determines the percentage occurrence of lead.

In Europe: EU rules determine that the glass goods containing less than 4% PbO is defined like "glass". The glass goods containing more than 10% Pb is crystal. The glass with the lead content over 30% is indicated like "high lead crystal".

In the USA:
only 1% of lead and the glass is qualified like crystal.
The other countries: the producers usually use for "refined" high quality colourless glass the title "crystal" or "crystalin".

the products with more than 24% PbO are called like "lead crystal". The lead brings about that the glass after the cutting has higher lustre. The glass with the lead is heavier and the glass breaks the light. The light rays going through the glass are split to the rainbow colours and they reflect the whole light spectrum.
The producers usually use the title "crystal" for glass with the contents of lead less than 24%. This glass contains more BaO. This ensures the high quality of glass and the refraction of the light.

Is it possible to produce the crystal chandeliers, wall brackets and lamps with colored trimmings?
Yes, it is possible. You will find the crystal chandeliers with colored trimmings in our e-shop soon. If you have an interest, don´t hesitate and contact us.

Do you supply the lighting fixtures including the bulbs?
We supply mostly the chandeliers, wall brackets and lamps without the bulbs. These lighting fixtures are produced for bulbs with lamp caps E14, G4, G9.

How to clean a crystal chandelier?
Watch this video

It is possible to connect the lighting fixtures to be on only the half of the bulbs?
If you will choose the chandelier with more than 6 arms – you can divide the chandelier to two light sections. It means that only half of bulbs will be on. This connection is possible only in the case that 3 cables go from lighting fixture to switch.

What type of bulbs is advisable for the crystal chandeliers, wall brackets, table and floor lamps?
The type of the bulb is mentioned in the instruction manual of each lighting fixture. It is mostly the bulb with the lamp cap E14.

It is possible to custom - make the chandeliers, wall brackets, table and floor lamps?
Yes, it is possible. Please, be so kind and contact us for more information.

What shall I do if some part of lighting fixture is damaged during the transport?
If some of the components will be damaged during the transport you will receive the spare parts free of charge. We require to be the shipment checked and this event announced us by phone or by e-mail within 48 hours after receipt of the goods from the forwarder. If some part of the lighting fixture will be damaged during the use or within the assembly we will arrange the part.

It is possible to complete the lighting fixture by myself without the professionals?
You can easy to assemble the chandelier according to instruction manual and drawing. You will need to the assembly only the pliers and screwdriver. You will assemble and connect 6-arms chandelier within 1-2 hour.


Help with order?

Mon - Fri 8 - 16h

Sarka Novakova

 Šárka Nováková
 T: +420 725 087 878

 M: vavrova@artcrystal.cz

Customer references

  • Kate Nielsen, Frederikshavn, DK Rating: 5 / 5

    Hello Sarka, we have recevided the chandelier yesterday, and thank for a good treatment and teamwork. We are looking forward to see the chandelier when we have placed it. The other chandelier is beautiful, and we are very happy with it, and satisfied. Have a nice weekend. Kind Regards.
  • Janet Williams, Rotherham, GB Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Sarka, It has been a pleasure buying them off you. So glad as they are the prettiest for my size room they make me smile when I look at them. Will recommend you to everyone here .Thank you so much Sarka it has been a pleasure. Take care. Kind regards
  • Harriet L., Puissalicon, FRA Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Lenka, It's here and in position! It's amazing! My mum is 'over the moon... Absolutely thrilled... It's beautiful ..' She says. When I can I will send you a photo... Thank you so much for everything. We will be buying another 2 next year! Probably different ones. Your service was impeccable.
  • Maria Salimeni, Stuttgart, DE Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Lenka, yesterday the second big chandelier is arrived. Everything is perfect and we are very happy about such a good quality, nothing is broken or damaged. Thank you very much!!! Now, i am surching for the next one for my sleeping room. Kind regards.
  • Alex Durand, Paris Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Mr.Tomes, herewith I would like to thank you and your company that your chandeliers lighted up my château in Paris. They perfectly stress the ambience of the whole château. I´m satisfied with your company cooperation. I can say: "Amazing chandeliers, perfect services.
  • Pinar, Bursa,Turkey Rating: 5 / 5

    Thank you very much Sarka, While ordering online, i was suspicious about the quality, conditions. I received today my chandelier and hung it already. It is gorgeous. Thank you very much. It definetly changed the ambiance of the entrance of my home. See you soon again.
  • Helen Cheung, Singapore Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Lenka, I received the chandelier today! That's super fast!!! Thanks for the nice packaging, everything is in perfect condition! I admire the beauty of this chandelier! I love it!!! Thanks again and I wish I would purchase more from you in the future!Kind Regards.
  • Virginija, Vilnius, Lithuania Rating: 5 / 5

    Good afternoon, many thanks for the quick delivery and a beautiful table lamp. It suits the room perfectly. Stay healthy and creative. With the best wishes from Lithuania.
  • Joanne Mifsud, Mqabba, Malta Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Lenka, I would like to let you know that we received the chandeliers yesterday evening. We are still putting them together, but everything has arrived perfectly, and the pieces are very beautiful. I would like to thank you for everything and it has been a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks again :)
  • Małgorzata Wujcik, Płock, PL Rating: 5 / 5

    Good afternoon, We have just received the order and my boss is really happy with high quality product, packaging and fast delivery :). As for me thank you for good cooperation and I wish good luck to you and company.
  • Mocrac Natalia, Kishinev Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Miss Lenka, we received our chandeliers and we would like to thank you for cooperation with you. The chandeliers are very nice and elegant.We are glad that we made the right choice and ordered chandelier in your factory. Perhaps later we again turn to you. Best wishes.
  • Hassiba Mohammad, London, GB Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Mr.Tomes. I hope you are well, I would like to thank you for the lovely and a beautiful chandeliers. Really they are a piece of art. Every peice of them are made perfectly. Even your wrapping, packaging are wonderful, no damaged piece was found. As I said every single work was at high standard. Great thanks.
  • Dorothy Zander, Gurnee, Illinois Rating: 5 / 5

    The chandeliers was packaged very carefully and arrived in excellent condition. It is truly beautiful and I will display it proudly in my living room. Thank you for a quality product, superior customer service and pleasant online shopping experience. With kindest regards.
  • Ryszard Sznajder, Warszawa, PL Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Mr.Tomes, hereby I confirm receiving the ordered chandelier which seems to be OK.Thank you very much for Your excellent cooperation. Best regards.
  • Jonas Hansen, Oslo, Norway Rating: 5 / 5

    Halo Mrs. Novakova! Thank you and thanks also to Mr. Tomes for almost excellent delivery of your nice chandelier to Oslo, to my son. He is the musician and music teacher and therefore is that nice for him to have such beautiful light source just over his lovely instrument. Have a nice day.
  • Karolina, Pécs, Hungary Rating: 5 / 5

    Hi Sarka, many thanks for the info provided. Shopping from you has been a real pleasure, an exceptional buyers journey as your customer service is second to none! Well done and thank you! Best regards
  • Mandeep and Mala, Singapore Rating: 5 / 5

    Hello, the whole process was super smooth. From the deposit, the final payment, the delivery. Sarka kept us fully informed. Hundred of pieces of glass and not one crack or breakage. The final product was totally beyond our expectations. Very, very beautiful.

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