Chandelier crystal EL1073501SWPb


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Why is the price different?

Gold version 
is based on the natural color of the metal - brass - from which are the metal parts made.

Silver version 
in order to achieve a silver color, a nickel or chromium layer is applied to the brass part. That is why the silver surface finish is more expensive, is more complicated for production.

Product variants

  • 3 422 €

  • 3 592 €

3 422 € incl. VAT

Additional information
Diameter: 116 cm
Height (without the hinge): 87 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Number of bulbs: 35
Max. wattage: 35x40W
Doprava Zdarma Free transport - EU
LED žárovky Suitable for LED bulbs
Dodávané bez žárovek Supplied without bulbs
Garance kvality Quality guarantee

Crystal chandelier Bohemia - made in czech republic

The classic crystal chandelier wit 35 glass arms in three levels may become the amazing dominant of your interior. The richly decorated chandelier will illuminate the room with all the shades of the rainbow, thanks to the perfect refraction of light in lead crystal. Decorations from trimmings are complemented by cut bowls and other carefully crafted glass details. The luminaire is available in both gold and silver versions and can be complemented by wall and table lamps from our rich offer. Trimmings are Swarovski; other components are made of genuine Czech cut crystal with the trademark BOHEMIA CZECH REPUBLIC - LEAD CRYSTAL OVER 24% PbO.

5 years guarantee  Spectra Swarovski

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