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About Us

Company was founded in 1989 based in Czech republic, Jablonec nad Nisou, by its owner Mr. Borivoj Tomes. The company continues the tradition of Czech glass art and production of crystal chandeliers, which dates back in the Czech Republic since 1724.

Authorized to pursue was confirmed to Borivoj Tomes 21.7.1989 at the Municipal National Committee in Jablonec nad Nisou and VAT payer is since 1993. From the beginning, the company was engaged in refining household glass, painting historic decors, the production of high enamel, cutting and glass engraving. Then she started to manufacture and decorate chandelier parts and over time to sell and assemble chandeliers.

Company Headquarters was since 1989 in Vilova street in Jablonec nad Nisou. The company regularly participated in exhibitions SIBO (Silicium Bohemia) in Prague, Tendence Frankfurt, Frankfurt Ambiente etc. In 2002 entered to the Internet market with a company presentation and offer of czech chandeliers.

The company specializes in crystal chandeliers, brass lamps, modern lighting fixtures, crystal glasses and chess. Crystal chandeliers are supplied both for households and for hotels, prestigious buildings, theaters, castles, churches, etc. We provide complete delivery of projects, from design through to manufacture and installation of chandeliers for the customer.

For producing of our lighting fixtures are used only premium materials. Own production combines traditional and new production processes. On chandeliers are used types of pendants of high quality with high brilliance, which decomposes light spectrum. On chandeliers are used, according to the type of lamp, traditional trimmings Classic with low lead oxide content and Exclusive with 30% lead oxide. For top models of chandeliers, we use machine-cut trimmings with high lead content  Swarovski® Strass and lead-less trimmings Spectra Swarovski® where we guarantee the highest possible quality in the world. These pendants are made of optically pure glass processed on the most modern grinding machines. Chandeliers with trimmings Spectra Swarovski® satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Chandeliers are assembled of crystal glass, molded glass and hand-cut glass. We offer also chandeliers made of hand-painted glass, decorated with gold and also two-layers glass cut-through manually.

Due to product quality and reliability is our company constantly evolving and is currently situated in Jablonex building, Palackeho street in Jablonec nad Nisou, where is large showroom of czech crystal chandeliers. In www.artcrystal.cz online store, you will find the largest selection of czech crystal chandeliers that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. This is evidenced by the expedition of chandeliers into the world and our installation of chandeliers for example to castle in ŻAGAŃ (PL), newly renovated chateau Sliwniky (PL), a chateau near Paris (F), a large villa in Turin (IT) or ballroom Busko Zdroj (PL).

The aim of our company is satisfaction of you, our customers. We want to continue to bring to market crystal chandeliers with a long tradition that with their designs will bring into your homes beauty of crystal and joy with each lighting up.

Tomeš Bořivoj
Company owner

Artcrystal Tomes

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