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LED chandeliers – traditional design, new technologies

Is the crystal chandelier, in these days of energy saving and new LED technology, anachronism?
You may be surprised, but LED lighting has penetrated also into these traditional lighting fixtures.

That the LED bulb does not fit into the classic crystal chandelier? It is a mistake, today you can choose LED bulbs that will replace the classic bulbs, even with a flame. LED bulbs with warm white light can also greatly enhance and light the beauty of crystal.


Traditional crystal LED chandeliers look beautiful in both classical and modern interiors.

LED lighting fixtures and LED bulbs have undoubtedly made the greatest technological and design progress lately. They work on the basis of semiconductor wafers, which change the electrical current to light. They have a long life, and they have no rivals for energy consumption.

What does it mean in practice?
Lighting fixture into the living room in standard dimension with eight bulbs, has consumption 8x40W, or 320W, when uses classical bulbs. With 4W LEDs, the chandelier will have a 32W consumption, so the consumption will drop by 288W and the intensity of the light output will be higher.

For comparison, the washing machine consumes 425W for 3 washings, plasme TV 344W for 3 hours.

Indulge yourserf the uniqueness and beauty of the crystal chandelier without worrying about high energy consumption.

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