Types of lighting fixtures

We present rigorously processed crystal chandeliers and lighting fixtures of czech production. Which do you choose into your interior?

Traditional crystal chandeliers and lighting fixtures

For these chandeliers is typical their all-glass appearance. The glass arms of the chandeliers are finished with a glass bowl, decorated with crystal trimmings. Crystal chandeliers lit up your classic or modern interior. They are very popular with our customers for their high quality and a good price. Check out crystal chandeliers >>

Modern crystal chandeliers

The modern glass chandeliers catch your eyes at first glance with their simple, elegant design. Their transparent parts ensure that they will always look airy and light in room. These lighting fixtures from our offer will give your room a point of uniqueness. Take a look at modern crystal chandeliers >>

Ceiling lighting fixtures with trimmings

The lighting fixtures with trimmings bear their names according to the basic identification mark - small crystal trimmings which are cut with special brilliant cut like a diamonds. These trimmings then decompose the light from the bulbs onto the entire light spectrum and create fascinating shapes on the ceiling of the room. Check out the ceiling lighting fixtures >>

Design lighting fixtures

Modern lighting fixtures with a distinctive design and first-class processing quality. These modern lighting fixutres combine new inspirational design elements with traditional ones. Your interior can thus be illuminated by a light that is the true original and underscoring the uniqueness of your apartment. See design lights >>

Brass chandeliers

Brass lighting fixtures decorated with reliefs and patinas create the atmosphere of the past. These hand-cast lighting fixtures have been produced for centuries and their design has not changed dramatically. They are therefore particularly suitable for classic rustic or historic interiors. Take a look at the brass chandeliers >>

Table lamps

Table lamps in different decors and designs into the living room, bedroom or work desk. You can find both traditional-style table lamps and retro-style lamps or modern table lamps. Take a look at table lamps >>

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