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How to choose the chandelier

Our rich product range enables to create pleasant surroundings at home, in the companies, in the representative buildings, in the theatres, in hotels, at the reception desks, in the churches.... The light from man-made source would carry out technical and aesthetic requirements.

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Technical requirements: intensity of the light, colour of the light, stability of the light.

Aesthetic requirements: you would focus on the prevalent materials in the room, required effect of the light, purpose and location of the lighting fixture. The colours play very important role in the good lighted interior. The light and the shadow can separate the working area from the relaxation space. Please don´t forget be careful about the mirrors or glossy areas of furniture which reflect the light.


How to choose the right size of the chandelier?

Crystal chandelier in living roomWe recommend following calculation for the beginning.

If you have the room with the dimensions 3,5 x 4,5 meters, we recommend you the chandelier approximately 70 cm wide. We advise you smaller chandelier if you have too much furniture in the room. On the other side we advise you bigger size of the chandelier if your room is rather airy and open.

You can choose bigger chandelier or larger quantities of lighting fixtures with larger size of the room. For example – one central chandelier, two wall brackets and one floor lamp. If they are in the same style they will excellent decorate your interior.

Crystal chandelier in the kitchenPlease note – the more the height of the ceiling is, the more the chandelier seems to be smaller. That´s why we recommend you to buy the longer hanging chain – if you have higher ceiling.

On the opposite side – if you have low ceiling, don´t forget that it is necessary to you will be able to you can go under the chandelier. We can offer you shorter hanging chain in this case.

Very important: the dimensions of the chandelier are diameter and the height of the chandelier without the chain.

How to choose the right number of the arms?

How many arms of chandelier I should choose? We have experience that for smaller rooms are suitable 6-8 arms chandeliers. To them we recommend to use 40W bulbs. These bulbs will more light up the lighting fixture and crystal components more brighten your room. If you will choose 12- or more arms chandelier, you could consider the use 25W bulbs....it is up to you. If you like various intensity of lighting, it is possible to use regulator of lighting.
Crystal chandelier in bedroom

How high I should the chandelier to hang?

The designers of the interiors say that it is nothing worse than the chandelier hung too much high. The chandelier should be hung min 190-220 cm high so the taller persons could move under the chandelier. We recommend hang the chandelier 80 cm above the table in the dining room. The height should be min 3 meters in the dancing hall.

The central chandelier is not sufficient.

The latest trend is to combine various chandeliers with lamps – floor lamps, wall lamps.... For different activities you need various lightings in the living room. The bracket lamps deal with direct and indirect lighting. If is the lamp shade turning you can focus it for example to picture or furniture.

Be careful about the reflection of the light if you place TV or PC. We recommend switch on the dim light behind the TV because of contrast reduction. The living room is a representative room as well so you will appreciate the halogen spot lights.

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