Crystal chandelier L16414

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Crystal chandelier L16414

Art.No.: L16414

Category: Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Bohemia crystal

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Additional information
Diameter: 130 cm
Height (without the hinge): 130 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Number of bulbs: 18
Max. wattage: 18x40W
Doprava Zdarma Free transport - EU
LED žárovky Suitable for LED bulbs
Dodávané bez žárovek Supplied without bulbs
Garance kvality Quality guarantee

This chandelier belongs to the Maria Theresa category, but it is quite unique and remarkable by its processing. The luminaire has a historical appearance, the metal parts including the connecting material are deliberately patinated to get the look of rusty metal, the trimmings are hand pressed and mostly uncut and instead of the glass strips typical for the Theresian lights, the metal arms are coated with chains of uncut rustic glass beads. Also the long chain trimmings consist of the same beads. The chandelier is particularly suitable for historic interiors with antique furniture.

Bohemia crystal

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