Chandelier Maria Theresa L400CL

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Bohemia crystal

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Additional information
Diameter: 120 cm
Height (without the hinge): 110 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Number of bulbs: 25
Max. wattage: 24x40W+1x60W
Doprava Zdarma Free transport - EU
LED žárovky Suitable for LED bulbs
Dodávané bez žárovek Supplied without bulbs
Garance kvality Quality guarantee

Luxury chandeliers of this type are named after the Empress Maria Theresa - the first such chandelier was made in Bohemia in honor of her coronation, and since then these chandeliers belong to the jewels of interior lighting. The upper part of chandelier, richly decorated by trimmings, reminds king's crown too. These lamps have flat steel arms, covered on both sides with glass strips, which are secured by crystal rosettes. Steel arms are finished by silver or gold colored metal. Crystal trimmings, thanks to their diamond-cut, refract light into all colors of the rainbow. This impressive ceiling chandelier with 25 bulbs can be ordered in gold or silver variant.

Bohemia crystal

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